Advanced English Practice

Welcome to our Advanced English Practice page! In this page you will find several links to videos clips from CNN® and other sources which will help you improve your English skills. Each clip contains some important vocabulary and discussion questions.

If you are studying for exams like TOEFL® or TOEIC®, these exercises will certainly help you. So please bookmark this page, we will be updating the content frequently.



Use of Cell Phones                                           Cost of College                                             French Kissing    

School Bus Safety                                           Hip Hop School                                             Doctor Gives Back         

Drill Sergeant                                                      77-year Old Goes to College                Tallest Building

Capsule Hotels                               Bike to Work                              Embrace Life

Happy Meals                                          Phishy Office                                     Heads up

Identity Theft                                       Identity Theft Game                         Naming a Horse

Free Trials

Coming Soon

The Protection Connection             Hackers                                     The Girl Next Door*

Eli Manning on SNL*







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