Application Form

Application Form

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  • Note: Name must match your passport.

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In case of emergency during your stay in Miami, who should we contact?

  • Payment of Application and courier fees ( non-refundable )

    Please select payments you will make to CCLS:

  • A)

    Application Fee (U$100.00) 
    Application Fee for Change of Status (U$300.00) 

  • B)

    Courier Fee: Americas, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Scandinavia, Switzerland, UK (US$ 75) 
    Courier Fee: all other countries (US$125) 
    Student or his appointee will pick up the I-20 at CCLS 

  • C)

    SEVIS Fee (U$200.00) 
    Courier Fee: all other countries (US$85) 
    Student will make the SEVIS payment himself (Please refer to Conditions of Admissions) 

  • Please select one form of payment:

  • A)

    Through local agent 

  • B) Credit/Debit Card:

    Master Card 
    American Express 

  • C)

    Wire Transfer 

  • Send paymento to:


    Bank of America

    ABA 0260-0959-3

    Swift key BOFAUS3N

    Account no. 001595461335

  • D)

    Check (drawn on a US bank) 
    Money Order 
    Traveler's Checks 

  • All checks and money orders must be made to CCLS and mailed/delivered


    3191 Coral Way, suite 114

    Miami, FL 33145

    Travel Insurance Information

    Upon approval of their F-1 visa petition, students must purchase their own travel insurance before leaving their country of origin. Proof of insurance must be submitted to CCLS unless you are staying with relatives or an adult in Miami who will be responsible for your medical needs. Please contact CCLS if you need help in obtaining travel insurance.


  • Note: If applicant is under the age of 18, the legal guardian must sign this application and send it to CCLS by email or fax. Please click here to download the application.

  • Your application will only be processed when CCLS receives all required documentation and application fee payment. CCLS requires that the student pay the first month of classes no later than five days after receiving his F-1 visa petition approval. replica bags replica handbags replica bags hermes replica hermes replica hermes replica goyard replica replica handbags replica handbags hermes replica replica handbags replica bags replica handbags replica hermes replica hermes replica hermes replica goyard replica bags replica bags replica hermes replica handbags